Episode 26: Because it’s the Future

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The Back to the Future II rewatch

Seriously, We totally welcome our robot overlords. 

Holomax Jaws 19


The Two Tie Initiative is Real

Racist 80s crap

Tandem Hoverboards

Drop down cupboards are stupid

Flying cars ==! traffic

Amber wasn’t paying attention Mr. Fusion only runs the time circuits, not the whole car.

Marty McFly and Peter Petrelli are dicks to women

Brought to you by Carl’s Jr

Billy Zane was in it

Alternate Martys are screwed Very Screwed

Marty looks a lot like…Calvin/Marty Bonus

Other Timeline nonsense

Doc’s bankroll briefcase

Cool ass Doc adventures you should watch

Who needs doorknobs?

ABOUT Salem, I'm Hit!

Amber and Tony are annoyed by things and they found microphones. They also play games. Sorry about your luck.

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